Sherpa Stream for

If you have Office 365 or SharePoint and use video, Sherpa Stream for SharePoint is for you. It is an enterprise-class video platform that is native to SharePoint, helping you get the most value from your videos by making them just as available, searchable, and sharable as any other piece of enterprise content.

Sherpa Stream Manager for Sharepoint

Sherpa Stream Manager features state-of-the-art, automatically generated transcription functionality, enabling the most robust search capabilities available within SharePoint. The time-coded text transcripts and searchable metadata give you the ability to search within a video, or find a video or excerpt, all without ever leaving SharePoint or requiring heavy (or any) lifting from IT. Enterprise-grade security protects your sensitive content, and cloud-based software ensures easy and cost-effective deployment.


Sherpa Stream Live for Sharepoint

Sherpa Stream Live is the only enterprise-class live streaming platform that lets you tap into the power of “one-to-many” live communication from within SharePoint, whenever and wherever you need it. No matter how large or dispersed the audience, Sherpa Stream Live’s incredibly easy-to-use, true self-service webcasting gives you a compelling and effective communication channel without the need for IT assistance.

Key Features

Rapid Cloud Deployment + eCDN Integrations

Sherpa Stream Manager and Live are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which offers rapid implementation, automatic updates and upgrades, and eliminates the cost and time associated with hardware and infrastructure maintenance. Sherpa Stream also integrates seamlessly with several popular eCDN solutions to optimize the flow of live and on-demand video inside the corporate firewall.

Enterprise-Class Security

Sherpa Stream Manager and Live live natively inside of SharePoint. This means that all security and permissions rules apply for both authentication and authorization. Sherpa Stream Manager and Live honor the permissions defined in SharePoint for any activity relating to the videos in the system, from viewing, to uploading, to sharing and more. Our patented method for secure HTTP live streaming (HLS) video delivery is also embedded in our solutions.

Unmatched Searchability

The rich metadata created by Sherpa Stream for SharePoint powers deep video indexing and search using SharePoint’s native search features, enabling:

  • Contextual keyword highlighting along the timeline of the video
  • Transcript search and hit-highlighting to provide context
  • Dynamic thumbnail images
  • Jump-to relevant parts of video

Easy-to-Use Bulk Upload

Sherpa Stream for SharePoint provides an intuitive user interface to upload multiple video assets simultaneously, enabling you to add content quickly and easily to the SharePoint environment. Key features of the bulk upload process include:

  • Quick upload times
  • Automatic metadata extraction
  • Informative display

Extensive Analytics

Sherpa Stream for SharePoint analytics reporting helps you assess overall video usage across the organization. It includes both daily and monthly information about the most popular videos, video engagement, as well as the number of videos streamed and aggregated bandwidth of those streams. Additional reports include recent storage information and a breakdown of recent videos uploaded for processing.

Unrestricted File Size

Large video files? Not a problem. Sherpa Stream for SharePoint can handle files of any size. Because Sherpa Stream stores and streams from the cloud, no file is too large and there’s no limit on the number of videos stored. Large files can be uploaded, streamed, and stored just as easily as smaller ones.


Video on the Go

Equip your team with the tools to view and manage videos in a mobile environment so that your video content can be accessed from anywhere.

Content Capture Simplified:
Sherpa Stream Capture

With Sherpa Stream Capture, you can quickly create FLV video files that can be saved locally or uploaded in Sherpa Stream Manager, or create RTMP streams that can be shared using an RTMP server or Sherpa Stream Live.