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Sherpa Releases Version 2.0

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The Sherpa Advantage


Full integration with existing business systems - both internal and external - through extensive APIs; promotes in-context video and data-sharing across an organization's global systems and properties.

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Sherpa has passed I.T. and InfoSec audits at many of the most demanding global companies. You can rest assured that Stream will provide your internal and external content with the access, management, and data security required by today's enterprise.

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Centrally Managed

Whether deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid of the two, Sherpa Stream provides the management of an organization's entire live and on-demand video portfolio. This control extends across all internal properties, external marketing, and mass syndication to partner sites.

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VR/360 Ready

Enterprise is rushing in to learn the use cases and ROI for AR/VR/360 for marketing, training, and communications. Sherpa Stream is both VR-ready and integrated across business systems - allowing organizations to push the envelope in layered, personalized, and actionable AR/VR/360 video experiences.

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Business Intelligence

By integrating with an organization's multiple business systems, Stream's machine learning engine ingests an increasing flow of video experience and performance data—providing personalization and prescription-based business intelligence for business function administrators and corporate leadership.

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Consolidated Cost

Stream's integrated, API approach, hybrid deployment, and broad applicability for live and on demand video management allow for customers to replace multiple, "silo" video solutions and consolidate under a single platform.

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"Video really highlights our business in ways that are really not available using any other kind of medium."

Mark Seward, VP of Marketing at Anomali